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Corfu Island

Summer sailing from the Greek Island of Corfu

If you are trying to decide where to base your new yacht, Corfu could be just the place for you. During the season, which runs from April to October, sailing the Ionian Islands such as Corfu offers wonderful line of sight navigation and calm seas, ideal for those looking to build on their sailing. The British Yachting Awards recently crowned the Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 as the ‘Cruising Yacht of the Year’ and with our Dream Easy Buyback yacht ownership management programme, you can own one of these wonderful craft based in Corfu and enjoy up to eight weeks sailing a year in this beautiful location.

To help you plan the perfect itinerary, we’ve pulled together a list of the best places to visit while on a sailing holiday to Corfu.

Visit the magnificent cliffs at Cape Drastis

The swooping cliffs of Cape Drastis are a must for sailors when visiting Corfu. Offering outstanding anchorages, the scenery is pure perfection and offers visitors the chance to explore the clear azure waters while relaxing in a stunning setting. As there are no provisioning opportunities here, we’d recommend stocking up enough so that you can stay to see the sun set over the cliffs – a truly magnificent sight.

Immerse yourself in history in the Old Town

Head to the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town of Corfu and see some of the island’s most wonderful pieces of architecture. Take a wander around the quaint streets and look out for some of the historical Venetian houses that still line them. Visit the two fortresses that act as entrances to the town, the old fortress, built during the Byzantine era and the new fortress built in the late 1500s and discover the stories behind them. For a delicious meal, head to Salto, a small bistro and wine bar that serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine including fresh salads and tasty locally caught seafood.

Discover the history of the Vlacherna Monastery and visit Mouse Island

Located on its own little island, the Vlacherna Monastery is one of Corfu’s most popular tourist attractions. Accessible via a short floating walkway, the monastery provides a picturesque backdrop and beautiful views out to sea. While there isn’t much to do at the monastery, the interior has some gorgeous decoration and visitors are invited to light a candle. Combine your visit with a trip over to Mouse Island, where you can ascend the bright white steps up to the 13th century Pantokrator church. Both locations were featured in the 1981 James Bond film, ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

Relax on Porto Timoni beach

Arguably one of the island’s most beautiful of beaches, Porto Timoni is located on the north west side of the island and is easily accessible with multiple mooring opportunities close by. The location is perfect for sunbathing on the golden sands and the clear waters offer excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities, where you will see schools of fish and colourful corals. Make sure you take a packed lunch ashore with you as there are limited places to provision in the area.

Embrace your romantic side at the Canal d’Amour

Head to the northern tip of the island for a romantic swim down the Canal d’Amour, located on the coast of Sidari. The beautifully clear water and unique rock formations that surround it offer an excellent setting for a days mooring and legend has it that couples that swim along the canal will soon marry! As such, the location is the perfect place to visit if you are considering a proposal or perhaps if you are looking to renew your wedding vows! The setting is also ideal for a days R&R and offers visitors plenty of places to provision.

When to visit Corfu

Offering a typical Mediterranean climate of warm, sunny weather, the summer sailing season starts in April and ends in October. Temperatures can get up to as high as 35 degrees in July and August and visibility is generally perfect.

Find out more

We have Beneteau Oceanis 51.1s available for ownership in Corfu under our Dream Easy Buyback management programme, offering zero maintenance fees, up to eight weeks sailing a year on an Oceanis 51.1 or similar yachts in +40 destinations around the globe. The programme gives you all the benefits of owning a yacht without the hassle with a discount of 40% off the RRP. To find out more about the yacht ownership programmes we offer, contact our sales manager, James Hutchinson at  james@dreamyachtsales.co.uk or call 02380 455527.