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Save €171,000 on a Dufour 520!

For an initial outlay of just €150,000, benefit from up to 8 weeks a year usage of a 2018 model Dufour 520 AND zero costs of annual berthing, annual maintenance and annual insurance.

The 32 weeks (approx) remaining on this programme can be spent on this boat or any yachts in our fleet worldwide up to a similar size / charter rate in over 40 beautiful destinations!

A Dufour 520 charters at around €5,500 so 32 weeks for free equates to a saving of around €176,000 in charter fees alone.

Title passes to you in November 2023 in return for a final payment of €107,000. So – just to be clear – after the initial payment there is nothing to pay until November 2023.

Your total outlay represents a saving of over €171,000 on the original price.

For more information, please contact:

James Hutchinson

james@dreamyachtsales.co.uk / 07731 011915