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Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Catamaran

SABA 50 for Autumn 2019 – 45% off RRP

Base a fantastic FOUNTAINE PAJOT SABA 50 anywhere in the world by choosing one of our 40+ beautiful destinations – available to purchase now on our exceptional Dream Guarantee or Dream Performance programmes.

At approximately €900,000 ready to sail price to the Dream Yacht Charter spec, the owner of a Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 on the Dream Guarantee programme will receive €6,750 per month for the duration of the 60 month term. This makes the net price just €495,000! The package includes up to 12 weeks of charter on your boat or an equivalent worldwide and ZERO annual berthing costs, maintenance costs and insurance costs.

OR take delivery of a Saba 50 we have arriving in Phuket this autumn and join a programme with minimum outlay, where it is possible to secure title for yourself at the end of the 5 year term for just 55% of the ready to sail price!

This brand new boat in Thailand will be available on our Dream Partnership programme at 45% off RRP for up to 12 weeks use per year. However, we also offer another method of ownership with a programme that has the lowest initial down payment available – called Dream Easy. You pay just 35% of the ready to sail price and have nothing else to pay before the end of the 60 month term. No annual berthing, no maintenance, no insurance costs. This means that for not much more than €300,000 you can enjoy up to 8 weeks use per year for 5 years before paying the final balance – which will only be around €220,000. This is a fully equipped and ready to sail Saba 50 for approximately €540,000 against an RRP of €900,000. You are not only saving €360,000 but you are benefiting from up to 44 weeks of charter over the contract term. Remember, you can also use any equivalent yacht at many of our 40+ bases worldwide. Commit to the boat in Thailand and you will be able to sail in The Mediterranean, Pacific, Caribbean, Indian Oceans and more. Take your pick!

If you want to have up to 12 weeks per year available to you (up to 60 charter weeks) on this boat or equivalent yachts worldwide, you can buy through the Dream Partnership programme which will cost you just 55% of RRP. This is the cheapest overall cost programme. You pay 55% up front and have nothing to pay at the end but a single Euro in exchange for Dream Yacht Charter’s 45% share. At that point, title is yours. Not only do you receive up to 4 additional charter weeks when compared to Dream Easy but you make a further cost saving of €45,000 – for a total outlay of €495,000 against RRP of €900,000 (figures rounded).

For additional details or to discuss what happens next, contact James Hutchinson, on 07731 011915 / james@dreamyachtsales.co.uk

LA GRANDE MOTTE – James will also be available to meet at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte between Wednesday 24th April and Sunday 28th April 2019. If you would like tickets to this event and a chance to chat informally about your sailing plans, please contact James and he can get access to the Show arranged for you at no cost.

Please contact James for the Dream Yacht Charter Saba 50 specification.

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Dream Partnership programme

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