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New Bali 4.3 – save nearly €300,000!

Take a moment to imagine that you are considering the purchasing of a new catamaran. Cats are so extremely popular now…and for good reason, they’re an excellent idea!

However, a friend points out that you will probably only use it for a few family holidays per year…and they also ask if you have considered the annual running costs. You do your sums and find out that it could cost you upwards of €30k per year before you have even sailed it! Over, say, five years, that will be upwards of €150,000 on a 43ft catamaran.

Now, imagine that you can still enjoy up to eight weeks a year sailing that same model of yacht, or an equivalent, in a range of exotic worldwide destinations without paying a single penny towards annual running costs for the yacht or any weekly charter fees for the holidays! On top of that, you get ownership of the boat after 66 months for €300,000 less than you would have paid buying it privately!

Take, as an example, this brand new Bali 4.3 which will be starting this season at our base in beautiful Sardinia (sister ship shown). If you were to buy it privately, this fully equipped yacht would cost a smidge under €650,000 inc VAT but on our Dream Easy ownership programme this same yacht, with the same equipment, will cost you a total of €360,000 over 5.5 years. In fact, all you need to pay for 5.5 years is a single down payment of just €190,000. Your final payment in return for the keys, right at the end of the programme, is just €170,000!

Come to the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte 24th – 28th April and meet James Hutchinson from Dream Yacht Sales UK. Last year’s Show saw 60 multihulls on display and this is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know the boats and the ownership programmes.

Call James on +44 (0)7731 011915 or email james@dreamyachtsales.co.uk and he can help you with a discount code for tickets to the show and will be on hand across the five days to discuss boat choices that match our range of different yacht ownership programmes.

Catamaran brands available through Dream Yacht Sales include Bali, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Dufour and Nautitech.