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Sun Odyssey 349 available now!

Welcome to Dream Yacht Sales, where you can enjoy an amazing brand new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 in beautiful Corfu for up to 12-weeks a year for 5.5 years for just €82,500 on our Dream Partnership programme and own the yacht at the end of the programme in return for a single Euro*

Our programmes offer maximum choice and give you the ability to own this boat or simply walk away at the end of the programme term. Here are some of the main benefits:

– Use any equivalent yacht at over 40 bases worldwide. Our programmes offer you the freedom to travel and enjoy our huge range of beautiful locations for no extra cost. Many of our clients spend all their time enjoying reciprocal use elsewhere in the world. There are so many choices.

– Opt for up to eight-weeks sailing per year for a down payment of only €52,500 and walk away at the end with our buyback deal. That is  up to 44 charter weeks without any ownership costs for just €37,500 making your net cost per year less than €7,000! Find out more about our Dream Easy Buyback programme.

– Opt for up to eight weeks a year use for the same down payment but complete your purchase by balloon payment at the end for a total of just €99,000*. A massive saving of over €50,000 from the fully equipped, ready to sail new boat price. *A VAT element is applicable for boats based in the EU. See our Dream Easy programme details here.

– Remember you have none of the costs or responsibilities normally associated with ownership (berthing, maintenance, insurance).

– The final option on this boat is our Dream Partnership Programme deal where you benefit from up to 12 weeks use but you only pay 55% of the ready to sail price up front and ownership transfers to you after 5.5 years in exchange for €1. VAT is applicable for boats based in the EU.

Contact James Hutchinson for further information on any of our ownership programmes on 07731 011915 or james@dreamyachtsales.co.uk

Dream Yacht Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 specification with pricing

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range brochure

*VAT applicable at the local rate.