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Dream Easy Buyback programme

The benefits of our Dream Easy Buyback programme:

1. Total outlay equates to just 60% of RRP.

2. Marina berth at zero cost for duration of contract.

3. No financing to put in place.

4. Only 35% down payment at the beginning of the contract. Nothing else until the end.

5. Up to 8 sailing weeks per year.

6. Access to 40+ bases Worldwide.

7. Zero Operating Expenses (insurance, berthing, maintenance).

8. At the end of the contract you can become the owner of the yacht (25% balloon payment) or you do not keep the boat (10% buyback option).

If you do not proceed to ownership, your net cost over the duration of the contract is just 25% of your original boat price. You will have had the use of a new boat, or equivalent yacht up to that size worldwide, with potentially 40+ weeks chartering over five years. However, you will have none of the associated costs of ownership. You just fly to the boat, take it out on your charter and fly home afterwards!