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BALI CATSPACE – new for Spring 2020!

Stylish exterior lines from Olivier Poncin


From the Catana Group so far, we have had the BALI 4.0, BALI 4.1, BALI 4.3, BALI 4.5 and the  BALI 5.4. Now two more boats are going to be turning heads next season!

We already know the BALI 4.8 is due to be shown in the Autumn and this has created a big stir, bringing all of the fantastic flair of Bali into one boat. However, their latest offering is going to be an equally popular boat in the 40ft bracket. Meet the BALI CATSPACE!

Phenomenal use of space gives four fantastic double cabins and the inside/outside saloon which Bali have made their own. It is simply astonishing to step from a catamaran designed in the 1990s or 2000s onto this yacht which benefits from Bali’s enormous experience in this market over the last six years. Chalk and cheese.

Those forward thinkers who have seen the enormous potential are already placing orders for Spring 2020 and at this rate availability will be limited, just as with other new models that have been snapped up in advance of their first season – this easily manageable yacht is ideal for the ever expanding bareboat charter market and will set the tone for years to come. Pictures below.

Further details from James Hutchinson, Yacht Sales Manager for Dream Yacht Sales UK.

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